Best Gear For Mountaineering Trips In Africa

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The African continent is an ideal safari destination for all visitors interested in taking on mountaineering adventures during their holidays. Mountains of Africa have so many experiences to give to travelers with shimmering glaciers, lush green rain forests, bamboo vegetation zones that travelers can spot on their way through to the top of the mountain.

Mountaineering adventures require you to hike with appropriate climbing gears, perfect guides and right navigation materials.

Africa has variety of high mountains that offer travelers thrilling adventures while on their vacation. Some of the magnificent mountains in Africa include; Mountain Rwenzori in Uganda, Mountain Kenya in Kenya, mountain Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Table mountain in south Africa, Mountain Dimilang in Nigeria, Mountain Oku in Cameroon, Mountain Meru in Tanzania, Mountain Jabel Marra in Sudan, Mountain Drakensberg, Atlas Mountain in Morocco, among others.

In order to enjoy every moment during mountaineering safari in Africa, carry the right hiking gears as you prepare to explore the mountain peaks.

Water proof hiking boots; mountains of Africa have different layers, when climbing them, travelers go through streams, marshy lands and galciers, among others. One of the essential mountaineering gear in Africa is the water proof hiking boots that can keep your feet from getting wet. It is better to get light weight boots that can be easy for you to walk with even after getting tired.

Rain jacket; a water proof jacket with a hood is very important item when mountaineering in Africa. It basically keeps you dry in case of rain or under very humid conditions on higher levels of the mountain.

Headlamp; There is no electricity in the mountain huts where travelers rest and spend their nights while mountaineering. Therefore, it is recommended to carry a headlamp or flashlight to help you find a way in the night.

Hiking to the highest peaks of some mountains begins very early in the morning when it is still dark, through rocks and ice, so you have to invest in a good headlamp that has long lasting batteries.

Gloves; the gloves can help you during the cold nights and also when moving on the glacier areas. They also help in areas with too low temperatures.

Sunscreen/hat/sunglasses; when hiking no one likes sun burn. Hikers are required to carry sunglasses and the ladies should remember to pack lip moisturizer for the higher and drier altitudes.

When mountaineering in Africa, travelers are required to have a first aid kit. This is typical adventure and anything can happen especially in the rocky and glacier areas. A traveler might accidentally slip and get injured or hit by an ice rock (on very rare cases). The first aid kit should contain bandage, antidiarrheal, iodine wipes, pain killers, high altitude medication, among others.

Long sleeved shirts that are not cotton. Shirts that can get dry quickly and wicks away moisture. These shirts keep a climber warm in the cold areas. The cotton shirts take long to dry and absorb sweat that is why they are not recommended. The best long sleeved shirts to carry are the lightweight, breathable polyester.

Wool socks; it is better to have woolen socks that can absorb the moisture from your feet. The socks still keeps your feet warm at night.

Backpack; on a mountaineering safari in Africa, you need a good back pack to carry a few things to use while climbing the mountain. And the rest of your stuff should be in a duffel style bag to make carrying easier for the porters. The backpack must as well be waterproof.

Other essential gears for mountaineering trips in Africa include; maps, GPS, Compass and Water filter, trekking poles, sleeping bags. With the above gears, you’re assured to have a memorable hiking safari in Africa.


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