How Safe is Self Driving in Uganda?

Self Drive Safari

Uganda still remains very safe and secure for solo travelers to rent a car for self-drive adventures. While others may have a different view on the other hand, Uganda remains as a safe self-drive destination to all self-drive visitors although it is not 100 percent safe just like any other destination. Most people tend to disregard advice car rental agencies offer and at end they take things into their own hands, they end up offending cultural norms as well as the set rules and regulations of that country. To avoid such cases, you need to know which destination you plan to visit and be open to new experiences.

Below are some essential things self-drive travelers need to observe when renting a car for self-drive tour

Uganda is a safe and secure for visitors to conduct their safaris or any business tours. The people themselves are hospitable, caring and can freely interact with clients. In case you get lost and you meet them, they can direct you to your dream destination.

For starters, English is official language spoken in Uganda and recently, it became the best English speaking country in Africa by the World Linguist Society. Majority of people understand the language and this makes it easier for you to interact while on a road trip. However, some people understand and can speak other languages like French, Germany, Chinese and others.

Uganda consists of 50 tribes each having distinct cultures, customs, norms among other unique traits. While on self-drive tour in car rental, make sure that you respect people’s cultures. What is amazing is that most of the customs can easily be followed and you won’t have any challenges.

The food offered in Uganda is also delicious however, avoid street food. There are many classic restaurants, hotels around Kampala for you to visit to grab something for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

When it comes to transportation, you do not need to be worried. The popular means of transportation range from boda bodas, taxis to buses. But in order for you to get to your destination comfortably, you need a good and classic 4×4 drive car.

In case you are not familiar with destination, please hire a car and driver guide. We have many professional, resourceful and experienced driver guides to take you through your self-drive trip in Uganda while maintaining your own pace.

Take care of your valuables. While Uganda is safe, it is important that you are protective of your valuables.

You need environmentally friendly clothing to put on. You need to dress up while minding about your surroundings-especially respect people’s culture.

Avoid driving at night. Driving at night can be very risky not only in Uganda but also in other countries in that even when you need assistance, it may not be easy to avail it to you. Always try to get to your destination as early as possible or hotel.

In summary, Uganda is very safe and secure for travels. You can rent a car in Uganda for self-drive and adventure through the Pearl of Africa on your own. For a comfortable and rewarding road trip, consider renting our 4×4 cars given that most roads in Uganda are still undeveloped.


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