Best Shoe Tips for an African Safari Trip


Going to Africa for a vacation also means that you can’t miss the beautiful and possibly life changing African Safari Trip. There are so many different types of beautiful animals and sceneries that you can see in the wild outdoors. It’s also a popular place to capture the perfect moments of wild animals living in their own habitat. Many people go to the safari for the adventure and the thrill of being close to these animals that we’d only seen on TV. It’s a different experience to get close to these animals and see how they take care of themselves and their families. Some people even say that they are just like people when it comes to the home, very protective, loving and nurturing.

Going to a safari trip may be the most exciting experience that you’ll ever have. To have the best kind of experience, you need to have the best kind of gear as well. The safari is a desert and there are many different terrains and surfaces that you might encounter. This trip requires the best quality shoes that will provide comfort, toughness and stability.

Meindl Toronto
Meindl is known as one of the best company that makes high quality walking boots in the world. This specific model is their latest. It is made of full leather along with a breathable Gore Tex lining that’s also waterproof. It retails at £140 which is a steal If you consider the length of time that you’ll be able to use it.

Hi-Tec Harmony
This is the best boots for women that were also designed by women. This premium pair of boots is durable and waterproof with nubuck leather for its upper and high quality mesh for your comfort. You will be able to walk around with these boots all day while still maintaining a sturdy grip on every kind of surface.

Merrell Moab
This is a mid-height shoe that can be used for multiple sports that Merrell is known for. This can be also be used in the Safari if you think that boots are too hot or too heavy to walk around with. It is made to deal with intense activities and has a sole that can handle all kinds of terrain.

Scarpa SL Activ
This is a bit pricey but it will wow you with its awesome performance. This specific model has been the most popular in the Scarpa collection for many years now. Every year, scarpa makes sure that this line is updated to perform even better with better quality materials, sole and technology.

Salomon Comet 3D Lady
If you don’t like to walk around with heavy boots, this model is ideal for you. It is very lightweight and was especially made for women for 1 to 2 days of hiking. This shoes is made with 3 layers of 3d chassis for optimum shock absorption and protection from stones.

The North Face Havoc
These are stylish and high performance boots that you can use for different types of sports activities. It is made with waterproof and breathable material that makes it perfect for long lasting use. North Face is known to make top quality gears and products and this one did not disappoint. Before choosing from these shoe recommendations, it’s also good to read on a guide on how to choose walking shoes.


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